In Search of Happy Hour Wine Deals

Since I, and so many people out there are unemployed, and still want to go out now and then, I thought I would check out as many places as possible that offer happy hour drinks, especially wine of course!

Our first attempt was a few weeks ago at the Tap House Grill in the Galleria mall in Bellevue. It turns out they don’t have any happy hour drinks, just food. Oh well! The food was pretty good though! And large portions I might add! Fish and chips, sammies etc…… Most certainly a beer drinkers paradise with 160 beers on tap!

The next stop (a few weeks later) we tried El Gaucho in Bellevue. They only had one red wine offering, a Malbec, from Argentina. It was very nice with aromas of dark fruits and leather. It had big black berry, leather and tar flavors and went really well with our food. But I really wanted to see more than one offering! The food was fabulous! My husband and I shared their Angus burger with bacon for $7.50 and the crab cakes, (which actually had lots of crab in it ) for $8. Both were superb and was plenty to fill us both up! And the service was good too!


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