Weekend along the Columbia Gorge

Finaly getting around to my notes on our trip to the Columbia Gorge area last August and the wineries we stoppped at. My favorites were on the Oregon side, in the town of Hood River where there is a plethora of tasting rooms and nice restaurants right in the heart of the down town area.

Our first stop was at “Naked Winery”. Talk about, ah, creative  “marketing”. With names like Vixen Syrah and Foreplay Chardonnay I don’t need to fill you in on why one of my favorites “Penetration Cabernet”, can not be sold in Washington state. We are such prudes! All of the wines have explicit descriptions of the wine on the back of the bottle and apparently the Cab went over the line as far as WA state liquor laws go. I thought the overall quality of the wines were pretty good and don’t really need all the “bawdy” talk to sell them. However, it does make for interesting conversation.

Our second stop was at Quenett Winery, also in Hood River. Again, overall the quality was quite good. First a highlight of the whites: Their chardonnay tasted of green apple with slight notes of butterschotch, citrus and mineral. Their Pinot Gris had big grapefruit flavors, just what I like in a gris. The Viognier, one of my favorites, had floral aromas with citrus and peach. Flavors are similar with smooth, crisp, minreally finish.

For the Reds: The Sangiovese had cherry aromas with leather, earth and cherry flavors. Very smooth for a Sang.

The Redd Red Wine, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Fabulous dark cherry and sweet tobacco aroma and flavor.

Prices ranged from $17 to $26.

nakedwinery.com  quenett.com


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