Malbec and Mushroom Soup

Made a pot of homemade cream of mushroom soup yesterday, and was surprised that it went so well with a 2007 “Gouguenheim” Malbec I bought at George’s Wine Shoppe! A great buy at $8.99!

Thanks George!


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  1. Gascon Malbec Ambassador

    Boy that sounds delicious. I’m not surprised that the Malbec fits the mushroom soup — I’ve been pairing bottles of Gascon (I’m an online ambassador for them) with lots of earthy, savory flavors – beef sandwiches and veggie wraps — with great results. It’s a rather versatile red wine, probably due to the softer tannins, though now I’m interested to see how it plays off the creaminess in something like mushroom soup. Thanks for the tip!

    • You betcha! I have been told that mushrooms are a great “bridge” food, meaning that they go well with lots of wine styles. And these two seemed to combine rather well!

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