Laurelhurst Cellars

Laurelhurst Cellars

For my birthday last Saturday, a bunch of us “Underground Winos” hit a few wineries in South Seattle and the highlight for me was Laurelhurst Cellars. Greg Smallwood, owner/vintner lead us through his 08′ Merlot and Cabernet Franc, and 06 Red Mt. Syrah and Laurus Nobilis. We also were treated to a barrel sample of his 09′ Petite Syrah, not something you see much of in Washington state. It’s tasting pretty good right now, but I imagine when he bottles and releases it, it will be fantastic! All of them are outstanding but clearly amongst the “Winos”, the favorite of the day was the 08′ Cabernet Franc! Crafted from Boushey, Kiona and Burgress Vineyard grapes. For a wine that has been aged in 80% new French oak it did not come off as “too oaky”, I would say the oak, alcohol and fruit flavors are nicely balanced. Definitely a great representative of the varietal! There was only 89 cases produced so better get some soon!

5608 7th Ave. S.
Seattle, WA. 98108
Phone: 206-992-2875


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  1. As you know I’m all over that Cab Franc and it’s resting nicely in my little mini cellar…that one’s a keeper but I know when we go to Laurelhurst on Sept 25th, another bottle or two will be heading home again.

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