My First Wine Update: More Grapes!

My grape must!

I now have some Cabernet Sauvignon from Double Canyon, that I acquired from Rob Entrekin of Finn Hill Winery last Saturday (the 23rd) and some Petite Verdot that our class picked from Red Haven Vineyard on Red Mountain the next day on the 24th.

The Sangiovese is still cooking along and is now at 6 Brix. The Cabernet Sauvignon. however, is almost dry at 0.5 Brix! Unbelievable! The Petite Verdot is now at 17.5 Brix with color that is stunningly dark! I can see how it could be used to color up lighter colored wines.

Needless to say, my laundry room smells like a winery now! Not bad. Next week we will be learning how to culture MLF bacteria in class, just in time to inoculate my own wine. Now to find a press.


Vintage 2010 NW Wine Academy Field Trip to Red Mountain!

Here’s a video of our class field trip to Wyckoff Vineyard to pick about 3 tons Chardonnay and Red Haven Vineyard on Red Mountain to pick about 1 ton of Petite Verdot.

I have some of that Petite Verdot at my house fermenting away as I type!

My First Wine!

This is my first attempt at making wine from grapes, rather than using a kit with juice. I hope I will have better results.

Day 1. Hung out with Brad Sherman of Gecko winery where I have been volunteering and got a bucket full of Sangiovese grapes.

Day 2: Added SO2 around 1pm.

Day 3. Added yeast nutrients and Red Star yeast-Pasteur Red apx. 1230p.m. Don’t have brix reading yet, I will have to take some berries to class tonight and use a refractometer. Staring to smell good! Tomorrow will have to get some wood chips and more carboys!

Will probably get some Cabernet Sauvignon this Saturday! I am thinking super Tuscan!

Stay tuned!

Dexter inspects the grapes!

Punch downs at Gecko/Michael Florentino winery! Episode 1

This week, while wine maker Brad Sherman is out of town, Ella-a classmate of mine and myself will be watching over his must, taking brix readings, doing pumpovers and adding any needed additives. We will also be helping out with crush with Scott of Convergence Zone Cellars.

Vintage 2010 NW Wine Academy Week 10-4-10

This week we crush botrysized Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. Plus, we press the Merlot from last week!

NW Wine Academy’s first crush!

We crushed Merlot from Red Haven vineyard and Roussanne from Alder ridge vineyard, September 30th. 2010.

Matthews Estate

Parallel Winos Video blog of Matthews Estate 09′ Sauvignon Blanc.

Laurelhurst Cellars

Laurelhurst Cellars

For my birthday last Saturday, a bunch of us “Underground Winos” hit a few wineries in South Seattle and the highlight for me was Laurelhurst Cellars. Greg Smallwood, owner/vintner lead us through his 08′ Merlot and Cabernet Franc, and 06 Red Mt. Syrah and Laurus Nobilis. We also were treated to a barrel sample of his 09′ Petite Syrah, not something you see much of in Washington state. It’s tasting pretty good right now, but I imagine when he bottles and releases it, it will be fantastic! All of them are outstanding but clearly amongst the “Winos”, the favorite of the day was the 08′ Cabernet Franc! Crafted from Boushey, Kiona and Burgress Vineyard grapes. For a wine that has been aged in 80% new French oak it did not come off as “too oaky”, I would say the oak, alcohol and fruit flavors are nicely balanced. Definitely a great representative of the varietal! There was only 89 cases produced so better get some soon!

5608 7th Ave. S.
Seattle, WA. 98108
Phone: 206-992-2875

Bartholomew Winery

After a 3 week dryspell from visiting any tasting rooms we (Jay and I) finally made it to Bartholomew Winery to visit their brand new tasting room, in what used to be the old “Rainier Brewery”.

First up was the 2008 Sauvignon Blanc: On the nose it had this nutty, caramel, and tropical fruitness to it with just a bit of grassiness. The palate was toasty, nutty with tropical notes again. I could of swore it was oaked but apparently it wasn’t, the fruit just came from a warmer climate. $14.

Next we tried the 2007 Orsa: %69 Syrah, %13 Grenach and 18% Mourvedre. It had aromas of dark berry, cassis, apple fruit roll ups and game! The flavors consisted of loads of berry flavor, especially blue berry.

Lastly we had the 2007 Reciprocity: %50 Cabernet, 50% Carmenere. On the nose I got espresso, dark berry, slate, plum and just a touch of wet wool. The flavors again had espresso and dark berries, deep toast and jalapeno. This was big and in your face and I would most definitely hang on to this beast for a few years!

This Fall, they will release two more blends, the 2007 Cuvee’ Rouge and the 2008 Cuvee’ Blanc, a blend of Viognier and Roussanne.

Their Tasting Room is open every Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 5 pm.  Located in the Old Rainier Brewery Building at 3100 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA 98134 Read the rest of this entry