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Green Lake Wines: Richard Kinssies 07 Tempranillo

The Parallel Winos Video blog of Richard Kinssies ’07 Tempranillo.

Sorry! The sound quality is not too good, it was quite crowded and well…. noisy!


Rioja Tasting @ SSCC

A World of Wine in a Single Spanish Valley Wednesday, October 20, at South Seattle Community College. Adrian Murcia, a Brooklyn-based writer and educator and frequent traveller to the region, lead us through a tasting tour Rioja‘s history, geography, and impressive natural endowment of soils and micro-climates, along with the area’s oddly harmonious commitment to both tradition and restless innovation–help explain Rioja’s modern-day multiplicity of styles.

Of the seven that were presented I will give you my personal top three:

  • Starting with Number 3: Lorinon: Bodegas Breton, Rioja Alta: Reserva, ’05, 85% Tempranillo, 5% Graciano, 5% Mazuelo & 5% Garancha. Aged 22 months in oak. Raspberry, black tea, dark cherry flavors predominate. $10.50
  • Number 2: Ondalan Crianza, 06, Rioja Alavesa. 80% Tempranillo, 20% Graciano. Aged 14 months in 75% american¬† and 25% French oak barrels. With licorice, cocoa and raspberry flavors. $15.
  • And finally Number 1: Beronia: Gran Reserva, ’01, Rioja Alta. 88% Tempranillo, 5% Graciano, 4% Mazuelo. Aged 24 months in French and American oak. Definately the big hit amounst the tasters I talked to that afternoon! With complex notes of earth, black tea, mushroom, saddle leather, licorice, and vanilla. And best of all I saw this one at the Kirkland Costco for $14.99! A total bargin!